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"It was an outdated galley kitchen. In the front I had a small closet, and always wanted a mudroom. The space wasn’t meeting our needs and I wanted a total renovation.
I called Sarah and I liked her ideas and that she understood what we wanted and our priorities for the renovation and desired result. When renovating everything, there is so much to consider. It is helpful to have someone who can narrow the choices. It is invaluable to have someone who presents options carefully considered after understanding my needs.
Maintaining the beautiful water views from our home was a main priority. This project had to consider the outside as well as the interior. Yes, the functionality of the new space is paramount, but just as important is the aesthetic of the outdoors. Sarah kept this in mind. And time after time, I loved her ideas.
Now that the kitchen and the mudroom and the bathroom are finished, I am thrilled with it! I love it. I have asked Sarah to help me with shopping for interior design elements for the other rooms in my home. I have come to rely on her ability to take my thoughts, tastes, and fears and turn them into manageable options for me to consider, purchase and incorporate into my home. Sarah’s guidance helps my choices be the best examples of my personality. It’s my home, only better."

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