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 Beautiful Backsplashes:

Where Function Meets Style

By definition, a backsplash is a panel behind a sink, stovetop or other wet and high-mess area that protects the wall from splashes (think grease splattering out of a pan or water over the sink) and makes cleaning easier.  While its origin is utilitarian, a backsplash can also can serve as a focal point, convey warmth, emphasize a color scheme, or create contrast in any kitchen.  Tile and stone are typical materials, both which offer a multitude of options (tile especially offers plenty of room for creativity).  From a splash of bright sea greens and blues amidst an otherwise sea of whites and grays, to more subtle pattern changes within an already established color scheme, there is a backsplash that will add character behind any sink or stovetop - and make cleanup easier to boot! 

<<All the tile in the kitchens below I sourced from Old Port Specialty Tile and Distinctive Tile>> 

Kitchen backsplashes from the Spruce Point, Main House (above) and Lady Cove (right and below) properties.  I love the tiles in the Lady Cove kitchen, which are textured like grass cloth, oversized at 12" x 36" with very tight grout lines (1/16"), and feature a mini green glass accent tile border.

Bay View (left), Vesper (right), and Ayers (below) properties.

It's easy to see how the ocean-inspired custom glass tile mosaic backsplash really serves as a focal point in the Bay View kitchen. 

The Danforth kitchen (above right) features a solid granite slab backsplash to match the counters. 


Decoratively painted tiles by Tabarka form a small backsplash running behind the sink and under the windows in the Linden kitchen (above left).


<<< In the Turnberry kitchen 

(left), a water jetted marble mosaic combines function and beauty in an elegant stovetop backsplash.



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