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Crazy for Critters

by Sarah Steinberg - February 5, 2016

Knobs, pulls, and hooks don't have to be predictable.  Hardware in the "design" sense (i.e. knobs, hooks, handles, pulls, racks, switchplates, and other metal home fixtures) is often overlooked and can easily change the mood of a room by adding unexpected colors, textures, and shapes.  Personally, I love playful touches like the Rabbit Head Knobs on the cabinets below from a kitchen I designed in Coastal Maine.  For more inspiration, check out the menagerie of animal knobs and hooks from Anthropologie below...      

Where the Wild

Things Are -->


Critter knobs and hooks all by Anthropologie (left to right): Forest Critter Knob - $12; Forrest Manangerie Knob - $10; and Fabled Fauna Knobs - $14. 


Find them and other playful knobs here

Hooting for Elephants 


(left to right) Encased Elephant Hook - $20; Tailfeather Hook - $32; and Creature Kingdom Hook - $22.  


Find these three creative hooks and more here.

Spots, Stripes, and Scales -->



(left to right) Furry Companion Knob - $10; Ceramic Safari Knobs - $10; and Nereo Knobs  - $10-14.


Explore all Anthropologie knobs. 

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