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Lady Cove

The Lady Cove project looked to accommodate a growing and advancing family. The remodel was meant to bring the older kitchen up to current standards and embrace modern conveniences. Sarah took what was previously built and gave its layout fresh perspective. As the husband loved to cook, the goal of the owners was to ultimately transform their kitchen into something worthy of cooking in.


A small section of the old kitchen was annexed and converted into a walk-in pantry–practical, while dually creating space for bigger projects elsewhere. The actual kitchen was pulled closer to the way view, creating more room for appliances and workable space. The classic white cabinet kitchen was tossed out and replaced with cherry, giving a fresher look and a modern, nicer feel to the room. A twelve foot island was added giving ample seating and an abundance of storage. The family sought to create a place of gathering, one that would welcome and give their grown children something to come back to with their own families–a place to all be together and call home.

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