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The family had looked at refurbishing what was there before and converting it into a more livable and aesthetic space. Their goal was to create an environment in which to bring and have their grandchildren grow up in while living in Maine in the summer. The house was old, and the goal was to take advantage of and work with the features and framework of the old house, and incorporate them into a modern, functional feel–all without losing the character of its original design.


The house needed a modern touch to it. The barn look and feel of the Linden house was replaced with a traditional layout that matched the want for something intimate and inviting. The deep cream colored cabinets and lancaster red island in the kitchen gave the house life while straying away from and bucking the classic stark white kitchen. High ceilings were complemented by adding color and warmth to better fill the space of the house. Sarah demonstrates through the Linden project that a modern approach is just as effective in finding both functionality and style, and although white kitchens and customary designs will always be classic, there is a place for them and are not always necessary.

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